How Hand IQ Works – Install & Setup

How Hand IQ Works – Install & Setup

Good Hygiene is a Smart System

Hand IQ is affordable technology that encourages healthy handwashing habits, empowers safety and productivity in the workplace, and improves overall health and wellness in communities.

Setting up your custom Hand IQ program is simple and only takes minutes to do using the Hand IQ mobile app.

  1. Install one Hand IQ sensor, a small smart handwash sensor, next to every soap and sanitizer dispenser in your location. 

  2. Add one Hand IQ hub, a three-inch device with a display, by your most utilized handwashing sink, or anywhere you want an enhanced, guided handwash experience with a 20-second countdown and instructional graphics. The hub also displays your real-time score and connects data to the cloud.

  3. Pair these devices with one Hand IQ badge, a Bluetooth wearable, for each employee to monitor their individual handwashing practices and receive personal active handwash reminders.

  4. Customize your settings according to your handwashing policy or program. For example, you can set frequency reminder intervals to every 30 minutes or once an hour, and designate certain sensors as “must wash” scenarios, like in the bathroom.

The Hand IQ devices communicate with each other, so the more you have, the larger the monitoring network you create. The badges provide subtle, yet effective visual and audio cues to remind you when it’s time to wash your hands. Hand IQ recognizes when you’ve washed your hands, and resets any frequency reminders on all the devices in your network. If you miss a handwash opportunity, you will be reminded again. If you don’t wash your hands within a set amount of time after receiving the second reminder, Hand IQ registers the event as a missed wash opportunity, which is captured in the mobile app dashboard.

Depending on your plan, you can monitor as a group without badges/reminders or individually with badges/reminders. If you monitor individually, you can choose to monitor staff anonymously or by name.

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