Sean Podvent


Sean is a product development expert and entrepreneur with a focus on story-based design and user experiences in the B2B space. Sean has a background in balancing development and design and with strategic requirements. A strong background in healthcare SaaS products and venture-backed startups, Sean has worked for Applied Minds, True Car, Infiniti RedBull Racing and was the Founder of Rocket Rounding and Ideate+Create+Go. Sean is the Co-Founder of Hygiene IQ, which started as a joint venture between Ideate+Create+Go and Supplyframe/Siemens. Sean leads the Product Development and Growth Team at Hygiene IQ and has led the company through two seed rounds and a Series A strategic investment with a U.S.- based global manufacturing company.

Richard Adams


Richard is a highly experienced Engineering Leader with success bringing multiple startups to an exit. With a solid background in consumer electronics and high volume manufacturing at companies such as Beats and Apple (along with a successful appearance on the UK equivalent of “Shark Tank”) Richard leads the engineering and Operations at Hygiene IQ to ensure the product is engineered to the highest quality with the greatest efficiency.

Joe Hacobian

Software Lead

Anita Maljian

Software Engineer

Lee Sok

Senior Firmware Engineer

Tony Mendoza

Quality Assurance Engineer

Rikki Frohmader

Account Executive